My wish is that through the products that I offer, you can connect to their uplifting, empowering good vibrations.

May you feel the blessings for you in each item and enjoy using the pieces that you intuitively choose to be your touch stones for strength, clarity, inspiration, renewal, healing, or whatever feeling you are wanting to focus on and expand.

A long time student and teacher of things that empower us and feed our soul, crystals and gems have always been a part of my world. Being a highly sensitive person, I connect to certain items as I travel and bring them together to share with you.

About Angela

I am Angela Bushman, Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker and Artist. A lover of things inspirational and empowering, I am enjoying and trusting my ever expanding road of ways to assist others on their personal development path.

Angela Bushman

How it started

My journey to jewelry making started with connecting to the jewelry pieces and stones from around the world that spoke to me. Creating the look and feel that I wanted, I soon realized that I wasn’t really making them for me but for others to have and enjoy.

I launched this store to provide you a place to find my offerings, as many of you who have already purchased my creations and offerings have asked me to do.

Whether it be through the words that I share in my speaking or writing or the energy that I share through my abstract paintings and empowerment jewelry, I am honored to be a channel of love and light for you.

Please take a look at our online store for the latest offerings, many of which are one of a kind. Enjoy!

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